ATTN Chicago drivers: winter overnight parking ban begins today


If you have a car AND you park that car on the streets of Chi-town, you should know that the city’s annual winter overnight parking ban begins *drumroll please* today, Friday, Dec. 1st.

Until April 1st, 2018 between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. the ban will be enforced, if there’s snow on the ground or no — according to the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation.

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This ban covers over 100 miles of main streets. To view a map of those streets, you may click here. It goes without saying but drivers: watch where you park. Now that the holidays are here, I don’t think you want to be paying a hefty ticket AND footing the bill for a tow truck.

Violators will face a minimum $150 towing fee, a $60 ticket and a storage fee of $20 per day, according to officials. Yikes.

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According to ABC7, vehicles will be towed to Pounds 2 or 6, which are located at 10301 South Doty Avenue and 701 North Sacramento Boulevard.

So this holiday season, save a few bucks and look before you park. To go back in time and investigate what happened on the first annual parking winter ban in Chicago, watch this awesome video thanks to GeoBeats News below! We are feeling nostagalic….

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