Hundreds of thousands of vehicles sustained water damage from Hurricane Harvey – make sure you don’t buy one.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is advising Illinoisans to take extra precaution when buying a used car, and his office is doing their part to prevent these vehicles from obtaining Illinois documentation.

“We are taking every step possible to ensure that flood damaged vehicles from Hurricane Harvey do not receive clean titles in Illinois,” White said in a statement. “In addition to the extra scrutiny these vehicles receive from my office, we are providing a link on our website at to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s database of known hurricane damaged vehicles that consumers may check themselves.”

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If you’re checking out a used car, be aware of a musty odor or rust, and check the Carfax history.

“Insurance companies declare flood-damaged vehicles as ‘total losses,’” said AAA Chicago spokeswoman Beth Mosher according to CBS Chicago. “People really need to protect themselves, particularly now, as they may be in the market for a used vehicle.”

Chicago, if you are in the market for a used car, beware of this one caveat Jesse White is warning everyone about (AFP/Getty Images/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI)