If the adventurer in you has always wanted to go nude cycling you may want to listen up as the “bare-as-you-dare” 14th annual group bike ride will be making its way through Chicago’s streets Saturday.

Set to begin at 8 p.m. this weekend, the ride is a 14-mile course that is expected to run until midnight, according to DNAinfo. Organizers are expecting quite a turn out as they have in previous years when about 1,500 riders participated.

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If naked and jiggly bicyclists aren’t on your agenda, you may want to avoid being in the 1500 block of North Milwaukee Avenue around 11 p.m. as they have been known to cycle through this destination in the past. While the kick-off destination is “classified” as of now, we do know the ride will begin somewhere in the West Loop.

With Saturday expected to be reaching temperatures in the high 80s, maybe taking a nice, nude bike ride wouldn’t hurt. Interested cyclists can check out the Facebook event page for details.

Nude cyclists to ride through Chicago (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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