If you’re feeling stuck at the office surrounded by white walls, take a deep breath and check out this virtual nature walk through the green and budding Glacial Park.

The average American spends 1842 hours at work every year, leaving less time to enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas filled with life and beauty, according to Revises Sociology. This may be true, but a video posted to YouTube provides a step back from work, even if you’re still at the office.

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The video features the highlights of a hike out at Glacial Park, just roughly an hour away from Chicago. With only the sound of nature guiding the highlight reel, watching this is sure to take your mind off of the daily routine we often settle into at work.

In this photo taken Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, in Ringwood, Ill., the sun set on Oak savannas are silhouetted as they top a hillside in the afternoon sun in the 3, 400-acre Glacial Park, a section of the of the 11,200 acre Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. Traffic jams, subdivisions and shopping malls give way to remnants of prairies and oak savannas more endangered than rain forests in the Hackmatack refuge, an hour northwest of Chicago and southwest of Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

With an array of images ranging from picturesque flowers to the birds in the sky, the video takes you through a hike, all from your desk. Falling into routine and growing overwhelmed with mediocracy, it doesn’t hurt to take a moment to appreciate nature from any place you can and maybe after watching the video you’ll be inspired to go out and hike this weekend.

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