Tilt Is One Of The Most Terrifying Tourist Attractions in Chicago

You’ve never seen the Chicago skyline like this before. Tilt at the 360 Chicago (formerly John Hancock Observatory) literally puts you over the streets of Chicago.

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The glass box holds eight visitors at a time and extends over Michigan Avenue to give you a bird’s eye view of the Magnificent Mile from over 1,000 feet up on the 94th floor.

If that description isn’t tantalizing enough check out this video recently posted on AOL.

Tilt opened in 2014 to compete with Sears Tower’s the Ledge, a glass box that extends over four feet from the wall to let you look straight down. But unlike the stationary Ledge, Hancock’s Tilt moves while you stand there, giving an extra hair-raising thrill.

While this is one of the newer attractions at the John Hancock Center, the building is full of wonderful history and trivia.

It only takes 40 seconds to get from the ground floor to the 95th floor in one of the world’s fastest elevators but that should be enough time to share some facts with other passengers, like how the air at the top of the tower is six degrees colder than it is at the base.

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If Tilt seems like too much for you, no worries: you can always grab a seat at the Signature Lounge one floor below. Significantly less terrifying (save for the marked up drink prices).

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