Uber passengers make a daring escape from a moving car after the driver lost control

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On their way to Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival, one couple got into an Uber not knowing that the driver of the vehicle would not make it to the end of the ride.

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On Friday, Jayson Woods and his wife called an Uber to take them out, but during the trip, the driver began to convulse and became incapacitated, according to Jalopnik. The frightened passengers noticed the driver slumped over onto the gas pedal as the car then accelerated into another vehicle about a block away.

“My wife noticed he was hunched over,” Jayson told Jalopnik. “I leaned over to see what was happening and he was convulsing.”

Jayson and his wife jumped out of the moving vehicle and into traffic when they noticed that things were going wrong and were able to evade injury. With the incident being investigated, one police officer was frank about his disapproval for their actions, raising suspicion in his mind.

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“At this point my wife opened the car door when it was moving 10ish mph and hopped out in the middle of traffic,” Jayson told Jalopnik. “She also grabbed my arm and pulled me out too.”

While the police officer expressed his concern, he did remind Jalopnik that his opinion is only his and not that of the entire Police Department. He also expressed that his problem rests with the idea that the couple should have remained in the car and tried to turn it off rather than jumping into traffic.

Uber reached out to Jayson telling him that his ride would be free considering the service he received. The Uber driver, Timothy, was pronounced dead and Jayson recalled what he could of the conversation they engaged in during their short ride.

“The paramedics showed up, did chest compressions then did the electric shock,” Jayson told Jalopnik. “He laid there until they put him on the gurney and put him in the ambulance. His name was Timothy. He was married and had, if I remember correctly, 4 kids.”

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