A fast food chain is picking up the wedding tab for a soon-to-be-wed couple and you won’t believe why

This will be a “whopper” of a wedding.

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Joel Burger and Ashley King of Illinois first met in kindergarten, earning the nickname “Burger-King” during a fifth-grade assembly.

“After the man was finished with his motivational speech, he asked the two fifth-grade [student council] representatives to stand up as he wanted the students to applaud our efforts in helping set up his event. As soon as he said, ‘Joel Burger and Ashley King,’ he started to laugh out loud and pronounced we were ‘Burger King,'” King told the The State Journal Register newspaper.

Destined to be together, the two started dating in college, where the Burger-King nickname stuck. Now, their interesting surnames have earned them national attention.

Joel proposed to Ashley at a lake and decided to take their engagement photos at their local Burger King. They reached out to the company to ask if they could use the brand’s logo on their wedding favors – and received an early wedding gift. Burger King has generously offered to pick up the tab for the entire wedding, which will take place on July 17 in Jacksonville.

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