James Woods responded to Neil Patrick Harris’ critique of his “utterly ignorant” tweet about a young boy at Pride, but he didn’t back down

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James Woods isn’t one to bite his tongue when it comes to political or social issues. The 70-year-old noted conservative heated things up on Twitter when he wrote that a “gender creative” boy would one day murder his mom and dad, who are shown above in the photo to be in full support of their child.

The dialogue got started when the boy’s mother, Lori Duron, blogged about her son on her site, Raising my Rainbow. She wrote about how her son enjoyed the day at the Orange County Pride Parade in Southern California.

“My sweet, fabulous, rainbow boy has never received so many compliments,” she wrote. “He’s used to getting stares and whispers when we’re out in public. He’s not used to getting the smiles, hugs and encouragement he received at Pride.”

Woods’ tweet — in which he stated, “Wait until this kid grows up […] and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage” — naturally caused quite a backlash on Twitter. Actor Neil Patrick Harris called Woods out, saying his comments were “utterly ignorant and classless.”

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Another actor, Andy Milder from the show “Weeds,” responded to Woods: “When did you dismember your humanity and stuff it in a freezer in the garage?”


James addressed the controversy a few days later, saying he was concerned about the child being used to score political points.

He also argued that, because kids can be cruel and exclusionary to those who are different, parents should avoid “making [their] child a target.”

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Lastly, true to his personality, Woods declared he would not be cowed and would share his views on whatever he wanted, whenever he saw fit, as he doesn’t “give a shit” about how people think of him.

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