The “dream team” of “American Idol” made their TV debut, and fans couldn’t be more excited

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The confirmed judges of the reboot of “American Idol,” Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan appeared on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday to dish on what fans can expect from the upcoming ABC singing competition.

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Videos by Rare

“We have only had one day together, yesterday, and we are already so locked in,” Perry said. She said that she’s even a little star struck by co-judge Lionel Richie.

Richie said that he decided to sign onto the show to share his experience with budding musicians. He said he considered writing a book or doing a documentary before deciding to sign on as a judge.

According to the judges, the novice musicians are in for big changes (in their sleep schedules) if they do win.

“Some of these artists don’t understand; you don’t get to pick your sleep schedule. The industry does,” Bryan joked.

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The judges also took a moment to address the tragedy that occurred when a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concert goers at the Harvest 91 music festival in Las Vegas.

“Live performances to us, that’s the heartbeat, because we get to see the fans, we get to meet the fans,” Richie said. ” … The worst nightmare we ever have in life, is [that] something like that would happen.”

He continued, “I worry so much about the fans. We have to find that one place where we can feel like, ‘Let’s let it go, let’s relax,'” before asking Bryan, whose close friend Jason Aldean was onstage when the tragedy occurred, to talk about the experience from the country music point of view.

“As entertainers, you look at your fans, and you’re not up there to do anything but connect with them.”

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“It’s a country music festival. It’s America,” Bryan said. “It was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life and this country, too.”

Perry sent her condolences to the families and took a moment to address the issue of gun control.

“I think it’s horrible. …  I think that everybody feels like their heart has just been ripped out of their chest.” Perry said. ” … [P]rayer without action is powerless. … We have to take an unfortunate good, hard look at what our rules and our boundaries are with gun reform. No one’s saying, ‘Take away your guns.’ … We just need to take a good, hard look at gun reform and the hands that these guns are being placed in.”

“I get sick to my stomach seeing people sending their condolences and going back to [taking selfies],” she said. ” … That is not enough.”

Following a commercial break, the judges opened up about the talent they have seen in the first few rounds of auditions. All three judges are amazed at the confidence the budding musicians have when they walk into the audition room.

“I am amazed. It took me to 30 years old to get the confidence to be like, ‘Yeah! I am onstage!'” Richie said of the young talent. “It’s amazing, the confidence that this young generation has.”

Bryan was impressed with the diversity of the auditions and said that he had to learn quickly about all kinds of music. He also shared that he’s impressed by the ability these novice musicians have and how they are able to quickly learn several different instruments and vocals.

“I look at myself like, ‘Where was I when I was 15?,’ and I was not there!” Bryan said.

“We are just there for support. We really want to find someone who we can lift up,” Perry said. “In a way, we are really here to make dreams come true and hopefully find that American Idol.”

The reboot premieres in 2018.

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