The Great Communicator’s adorable letter to an 11-year-old girl is up for sale

An 11-year-old young woman named Lisa in August of 1986 wrote former President Ronald Reagan asking for his sponsorship in a walkathon to aid the homeless — a request President Reagan granted happily.

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“Dear Lisa, I am very proud to sponsor you in the walkathon,” he wrote. “Thank you for asking. I know you’ll walk the seven miles and the enclosed is to help the cause you are serving. God bless you. Ronald Reagan.”

Now, almost 30 years later, Lisa’s letter and Reagan’s handwritten personal check are up for auction. While Lisa wishes to remain anonymous, she clarified to Fox News that her parents matched Reagan’s donation and kept the check as a memento of her special moment.


Nathan Raab, owner of the Raab Collection auction house that is selling the memento, believes the check and letter represent the character President Reagan embodied.

“He cared enough that, when he received a letter and request from a young child, the president devoted not only his valuable time as president but also his personal funds to her,” Raab told Fox News.

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