“What we got is beautiful”: What it’s like when rock ‘n’ roll legend Steven Tyler is grandpa

LAS VEGAS, NV - July 2, 2016: ***HOUSE COVERAGE*** Steven Tyler opening night of the 'Out On A Limb' solo tour at The Venetian Theater at The Venetian Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV on July 2, 2016. Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch/IPX

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Ever wondered what it must be like to have a rock star for a grandfather? Steven Tyler is the proud grandpa to four beautiful children, and he’s opening up about how much he loves the role.

“First of all, I’m Papa Stevie,” he explained to PEOPLE what his grandchildren —  Axton Joseph, 8 months, Lula Rose, 18 months, Sailor Gene, 2, and Milo William, 13 — call him. “The really young ones, like Mia’s son Ax, don’t know me yet. When they get a little older and know me, see me on TV, I think things will change.”

After happily welcoming three grandkids from daughter Liv, Tyler’s daughter Mia had her first child, a baby boy, back in May. While the Aerosmith frontman’s eldest grandchild is certainly aware of his fame and legacy, the younger three still have a way to go before they find out who their grandfather really is — and he’s looking forward seeing their reactions!

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“That’s so amazing when that happens,” he said. “They start looking at me different because they saw the ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’ video, or ‘Dude (Looks Like a Lady),’ or some ‘Sweet Emotion.'”

A portion of his large family living overseas combined with Tyler’s busy schedule can sometimes make it difficult to get them all together. But, he’s dedicated to his family and says the frequent time apart is all worth it once their in each others’ arms again.

“Right now, I’m still really busy. Liv is in England — I went and saw her last year with the whole family. It’s just a little hard,” he explained. “We try to get together for Christmas and it’s fun, it’s beautiful. What we got is beautiful.”

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