When a mom couldn’t get her daughter out of bed for school, she got some help from a live jazz band

Is it hard to get your kids up-and-at-em for school? Sophie’s mom can relate.

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She’s tried everything from rubbing Sophie’s back, to making cinnamon rolls in the morning (yummy smells!), to blasting music. She’s even thrown dog treats on her 10-year-old’s bed to try and wake her up. Nothing works.

So, Sophie’s mom got a little help from a radio show called “The Bert Show” — oh, and a five-piece jazz band called “Blair Crimmins and the Hookers.”

The look on Sophie’s face goes from a confused-scared to happy when she realizes exactly what’s going on in her bedroom at the crack of dawn.

“Your mom wants us to let you know that if you don’t wake up, these guys are gonna be here everyday for the next five weeks,” someone from the station says to Sophie on the phone. ”

“Need to buy myself some earplugs,” she responds.

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