Though treatments exist, rattlesnake bites can still be deadly.

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Just outside the Denver, Colo., metro area, a hiker was tragically killed recently when he stumbled upon a snake.

Daniel Hohs, 31, was hiking in Mount Galbraith Park, about one mile northwest of downtown Golden when he encountered and was bitten by the rattler.

Though he was transported to nearby St. Anthony Hospital, he died shortly after arriving.

Authorities say Colorado is home to two different types of rattlesnakes — the midget-faded rattlesnake that lives in the western-central part of the state, and the prairie rattlesnake, which can be found across the state in locations with an elevation lower than 9,600 feet.

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Snake experts caution against picking up the snakes or trying to kill them.

“If you run into a snake, as with any wildlife, give it room,” says Tina Jackson, a reptile specialist. “Don’t try to pick it up. Don’t try to make it move. Don’t try to kill it. In most cases, the snake is not going to bother you.”

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