One cat had no respect for the political process when he interrupted a mayor’s livestream Facebook/Nils Ušakovs • Нил Ушаков
Facebook/Nils Ušakovs • Нил Ушаков

A Latvian mayor was in the middle of a live stream when one of his office cats decided to be a part of the political process.

Riga Mayor Nils U?akovs was answering questions when a black cat casually walked into the shot in order to take a sip out of his mug.

U?akovs stopped speaking as the cat continued to do exactly what it wanted. U?akovs looked up after a few moments to laugh and then shooed the cat to the floor.

A video of the incident was shared on Facebook, with a caption reminding viewers that “anything can happen” when cats are in the office.

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The scene brings back memories of a famous March interview in which a dad was hilariously interrupted by his young children:

If there’s one thing to be learned, it’s to always check your surroundings before addressing the public.

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