A NASCAR wife comes clean about her and her hubby’s infertility struggles Instagram/SamanthaBusch

On May 14, millions of moms celebrated Mother?s Day. One of those moms was NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch?s wife Samantha.

?I’m so blessed to be his mommy,? she wrote on her Instagram page. ?I can’t believe my baby is going to be 2 this week.?

Samantha and Kyle were one of countless couples who battled infertility before receiving their little gift from heaven. And in a new interview, Samantha reflected back on those tough times.

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“We lucked out,? Samantha says in the new interview with ESPN. ?We both sucked. [The doctor said,] ‘You don’t have any eggs, you don’t have any sperm, you guys are not having a baby on your own. IVF will work, and that’s the only way you guys are having a baby.’ I’m a doer and a planner. ‘OK, perfect, what’s next?'”


And now with their dear son in their life, Samantha says all of the trials and tribulations were worth it.

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“When you come out the other side of it with a baby, you can easily talk about it [with humor]. ‘Oh, my ovaries are broken. Kyle’s sperm sucks.’ It’s easy at that point,? she says in the interview. ?When you’re going through it, that’s when it’s hard. That’s when it’s delicate. If somebody said, ‘What’s wrong with your ovaries?’ I probably would have jumped across the table at them. You’re in such a terrible spot where you’re already like, ‘Why can’t I have a baby. How come everybody else can get pregnant so easy?’ When you’re going through it, it’s much harder to talk about.”

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