Kelly Clarkson’s idea of a girls’ getaway isn’t what you might expect Instagram/@KellyClarkson

If it was your birthday and your friends were taking you for a weekend away, where would you go? Spa? Beach? Vegas? What about Universal Studios in Orlando? Most of us might think of it as a place to take your kids, but for Kelly Clarkson, it was the perfect spot to celebrate her 35th birthday.

Kelly’s actual birthday is April 24, but on April 21, she got the news through a birthday scavenger hunt that she was being kidnapped to an unknown destination. Of course, she was ecstatic, and we only had to wait a day to see that the group had landed in Orlando and were having a great weekend at Universal Studios.

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The singer-songwriter shared a photo on her Instagram page and explained that the entire group was decked out in Harry Potter apparel, including her baby boy, Remy. Wait, what? Yes, Remy, who is only 1 year old, appears to be the token male along for the ladies’ getaway, which also included Kelly’s mother and sister.

Whether Remy was happy about this arrangement remains to be seen. But, it looks like Kelly’s daughter, River Rose, had a love/hate relationship with the trip.


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Of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without a birthday cake and in keeping with the Harry Potter theme, Kelly’s cake was no exception. The multi-layered confection depicted icons from the popular movies, including Harry’s Gryffindor scarf and badge, assorted Hogwarts text books, and the “sorting hat” that determines which house the Hogwarts students would be assigned.

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

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