A “Jeopardy!” contestant flipped us all the bird, and the censors were clueless

When Sanford University student Viraj Mehta appeared on “Jeopardy!” for the show’s annual “College Championship” match, he had big expectations. The question was about a math formula, and when host Alex Trebek asked Mehta about creating a formula that explains how to eat pizza, the student answered, “There’s a theorem in differential geometry that explains why if you fold a slice of pizza, the tip stays in the air so you can eat it easily.”

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Of course, Twitter and the rest of social quickly caught on to the math wiz’s trick, and he even responded to the controversy with a simple but straight to the point statement: “damn right I did.”

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That Twitter handle is rather old and rarely ever tweets, but we’re really hoping it’s the real guy just watching the world burn. Also, he won the “College Championship,” so Trebek will probably be seeing him again in the future.

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