Harvard isn’t prepared for “SNL’s” favorite Boston couple, Sully and Denise NBC/Screenshot
The "Sully" family visits Harvard University in this sketch from last night's "SNL."

Last night’s Jimmy Fallon-hosted episode of “Saturday Night Live” did not feature an appearance from his partner in crime Justin Timberlake, but Fallon did bring back an old character of his with a little help from another “SNL” alum, Rachel Dratch.

Almost 20 years later, Sully and Denise are still as in love with each other — and Nomar Garciaparra — as ever. And now we find the pioneering reality TV couple on the campus of Harvard. No, they’re not crashing a kegger, they’re there on a campus tour with their “wicked smaht” daughter, Little Denise, played by Kate McKinnon.

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Of course, they still have Tommy behind the camera. Only now it’s because he’s the only one who knows how to use all the cool filters on an iPhone.

Little Denise is a typical 18-year-old, embarrassed by her parents smuggling vodka on the campus tour in their Sunny Delight. “They ate a lot of paint chips growing up,” she says.

“We sure did,” confirms Sully. “We called them radiator nachos.”

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“It probably affected the development of the pre-frontal cortex,” Little Denise chimes in, but her parents don’t understand those words, causing McKinnon to drop into a “Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting”-level Boston accent, proving that them apples don’t fall far from them trees.

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