In the best worst idea yet, these guys drove a convertible through a car wash

Facebook/Hamish & Andy

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

There are moments when we all want to throw caution and reason to the wind and drive 120-mph down a highway or maybe even drive through a carwash in a convertible. Two Australian radio hosts, Hamish and Andy, decided the carwash idea was at least worth a try. And so they sold a bitcoin they’d been holding onto to and bought a convertible.

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A few hours later they were in a fresh new car and strapping goggles to their heads. There’s a good chance that they ruined their brand new SAAB but in the process answered an age old question–what’s it like to drive through a carwash in a convertible?

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The video of their ride through the carwash, which was uploaded on Wednesday morning, already has just under a million views on Facebook. The comedy duo are two of the most popular radio hosts in Australia and they have been together since 2003. Their current show, “The Hamish & Andy Show,” has been on air since 2015. They are syndicated throughout the country.

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