Jim Jefferies previews his new show by explaining why he can name the entire Trump administration Facebook/The Jim Jefferies Show
Facebook/The Jim Jefferies Show

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies has made quite a name for himself in America. In fact, many people say that he’s bigger in the United States than he is in his home country. On Thursday night, Jefferies stopped by the Daily Show and spoke with Trevor Noah about the Trump administration.

Jefferies is actually preparing to launch his own show, “The Jim Jefferies Show,” which will launch on June 6th on Comedy Central.

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Like most comedians, Jefferies doesn’t harbor an exceptionally favorable view of the Trump administration. When Noah asked how the comic thought the Trump administration is going, he joked, “it’s going to shit […] here’s how I can tell, because I know every name in the current administration.”

He explained, “knowing everyone’s name is a scary thing. The government is like the human body, you only know about the small things when they start to fail.” He then rattled off members of the administration.

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He then made up a few names and put them as members of the Obama administration, pointing out, those aren’t real names. Jefferies joked “that’s my point, we shouldn’t know. But, unfortunately, at this moment in history. We do have to know […] but I look forward to the day when I can look back to knowing nothing.”

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