John Cena explains how he finds his “peace” and dishes on his man crush

YouTube/Vanity Fail

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Vanity Fair has a surprisingly good YouTube channel, and for this video, they went around New York City, asking New Yorkers to pose a question to a celebrity. The interviewers had no idea who the celebrity might be, which made their questions vague.

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It turned out that the celebrity at the receiving end of the questions was none other than legendary professional wrestler John Cena. The heavyweight humorist was full of quick-witted answers. One New Yorker asked, “Where do you go to find your peace?” Cena reinterpreted the question, quipping, “I go to the bathroom, and I look down and make sure it’s still there […] and it’s never failed me yet. It’s always there.”

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Probably the best question was “Who is your man-crush?” Cena mused, “Probably Kevin Hart. I like what he does, funny guy.”

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