“Kellyanne Conway” returned to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to talk about Trump’s bonkers press conference

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Jimmy Kimmel tried really hard to get to the bottom of President Trump’s “mind-boggling” press conference on Tuesday by going directly to his counselor Kellyanne Conway for answers on Wednesday evening’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Kimmel decided to question Conway — well, a puppet version of Conway — about the president’s response to Charlottesville and the “talking points” memo the White House sent to Republican members of Congress.

“Did the White House really tell members of Congress what to say about that mind-boggling press conference yesterday?” Kimmel asked.

Conway answered: “That is not true. Everyone knows that what the president said was 100 percent correct. There is blame on both sides. The violent alt-left must be stopped.”

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Conway then got annoyed and flustered when Kimmel asked if she was reading from cue cards given to her by the president.

“No, that is absolutely, 100 percent fake news. And you should be ashamed for thinking it, Jake,” the Conway puppet said.

The puppet continued to defend the president, but it was obvious to Kimmel, and everyone watching, that she was reading off cue cards.

“That’s outrageous. I’m not reading. I don’t even know how to read,” she fired back.

“If I was reading, I would be reading this,” Conway said as she pulled out a copy of Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal.”

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