Louis C.K. once again gives a masterclass in stand-up as his “SNL” monologue NBC/Screenshot
Louis C.K. delivers his opening monologue on last night's "SNL."

With his newest stand-up special appearing on Netflix earlier this week, Louis C.K. hit the stage once again as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” And as is now his tradition, instead of taking the audience through the halls or preparing a song, Louis delivered a blistering mini-set to open the show.

“Here’s a joke,” he began. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The audience played their part, asking why. “Because there was a black guy walking behind him,” C.K. finished to audible groans. But that’s what Louis does so damn well; he makes you groan and then turns that groan into a triumphant laugh at everyone’s expense.

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“He was nervous! He was new to the city, this chicken. And he was like, ‘I feel like he’s following me.’” So as a test, the chicken crosses the road, and “the black guy went home, he’s living his life. And the chicken’s like, ‘I’m such a racist.’”

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“About a month later, a black guy ate the chicken,” gets a mixture of laughs and groans. “Different black guy,” Louis defends. “I’m just telling you what happened.”

It’s almost 10 minutes of masterful comedy from one of the greatest in the game, so just enjoy this as a bonus feature of sorts for his new special.

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