Mad props to the old geezer who spent nine innings pounding brewskis during a Phillies game

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The Phillies currently have one of the worst records in baseball at 34-62. This is obviously bad news for the fans, but it does mean they can get tickets for pretty cheap — and a day at the ballpark is a day at the ballpark. Even if your team sucks, there’s still an endless supply of booze and junk food to enjoy.

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Which is exactly what this elderly gentleman did when he embraced the Phillies’ dire performance in their recent 13-4 loss to the Astros with a beer in each hand.

Grandpa Booze Hound didn’t quit for the entire duration of the (very long) game. At some point, he must have realized that he was going viral, because he definitely started playing up for the cameras.

Double-fisting stadium-priced beers all day is no small feat. The city of Philadelphia can take solace in the fact that even though its baseball team sucks, the fans are absolutely killing it!

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