Man shares fake phone screen full of text messages, and we can relate


It seems that many Americans recently came to terms with the realization that there’s probably a government agent somewhere staring at them through their laptop camera — which isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Twitter user @dubstep4dads captured the newfound mindset, and life in general, perfectly in a tweet showing fake texts from Anxiety, Depression and, of course, “Guy who watches me thru my laptop camera.”

The tweet hit a sore spot for some who lacked that close relationship with Big Brother.

Others encouraged him to look at the glass half-full.

And there were those who remembered why they were a little shaken each time they passed their camera.

While President Trump is the one who currently holds the power to exempt certain government services from the shutdown, it’s hard to be certain whether or not the government agents watching us had to go into work today.

And do they actually miss us?


It would be kind of nice if someone did.

For anyone who’s ready to end the one-sided relationship (sorry not sorry, surveillance state), the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting digital civil liberties, sells a state-of-the-art laptop camera cover for only $5. They’ve also provided instructions on how to create one at home.

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