President Trump just wants to feel his voters’ love again on “SNL” NBC/Screenshot
President Trump wants to feel the love on last night's "SNL."

Alec Baldwin made his first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last night in the show’s cold open, as President Donald Trump touching down for a rally of sorts in Union, Ky.

“He was on his way to Washington, but decided to first stop and be with the people who brought him there,” claimed Bobby Moynihan as some unnamed Kentucky official.

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Trump walks in to applause from both the studio audience and his audience of voters in Kentucky, claiming, “We all love Trump, don’t we? We do, we do.” He goes on to explain his great week, from meeting with all kinds of foreign leaders to his Supreme Court nominee being confirmed and no one talking about Russia — “What a difference 59 tomahawk missiles can make.”

Trump then asks what his voters think, if they’re glad he bombed Syria. But each one of his voters has a different problem. One lost his job at a coal mining plant, one’s healthcare premiums went way up so he has to drive 90 minutes to a doctor, one’s about to lose her house and so on and so forth.

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Baldwin plays up each person’s blind faith and trust, and just says he’s getting rid of it — her house, his healthcare, everything. But they still love Trump, right?

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