Robin Williams will crack you up with his take on “Biblical History”

During his life, the late comedian Robin Williams was raised Episcopalian though ultimately strayed from any one denomination as he grew older. In 2014, Patheos reported that Williams could occasionally be spotted at an Episcopal church in San Francisco.

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This didn’t stop Williams from joking about religion throughout his career, including one particularly famous bit in the early 2000’s.

In “Biblical History,” Williams breaks down how it all started for both believers and non-believers. While many faith-based readers may find some of William’s material offensive, one can’t help but sit back and smile at some of his humor.

“I don’t understand the whole fundamentalist thing. I’m an Episcopal. That’s catholic light. Same religion, half the guilt. It’s frightening,”

“Catholics have confession, Episcopals have: “Thanks Giving your father has a couple of gin and tonics,” Williams joked.

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