100 people were asked to “name something that gets passed around” and Steve Harvey lost it

Once again we find ourselves watching and marveling at Steve Harvey on Family Feud.  How does he manage to dominate the world of hilarious clips?

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For one thing, he has a team of writers who set him up for success.  Questions are carefully designed to encourage innocent looking family members to blurt out surprising responses when they’re put on the spot.  Steve’s reactions fit perfectly into the gap after the replies are given. There’s a reason that the Feud is one of the most popular game shows of all time.

On this episode, contestant Chris read Steve Harvey’s mind when he said “she’s got the halo and I’ve got the horns.”

100 people were asked to “name something that gets passed around.”

Chris said “a joint,” which got the Family Feud host pacing around the stage. But Harvey really lost it when Tracy said the collection basket at church and that got less points than “a joint.”

“That’s less than than the joint. This is not good,” Harvey quipped. Yet another classic moment.

To be technical and statistical, eight people out of 100 surveyed answered this question with “a joint”, compared to four that named the collection plate. So, using the power of elementary school math we can conclude that 88 people went a different way with their answers.

In a bizarre side note, someone actually wrote in to Yahoo Answers saying that they saw this episode and didn’t get it because they didn’t know what a joint is. There were a few sincere answers to this question and a few LOLs.

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