Sacha Baron Cohen finally admits the worst part about filming THAT scene from “Borat”

Warning: Everything about this video is NSFW

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In a Reddit AMA on Wednesday morning to promote his latest film “The Brothers Grimsby,” actor Sacha Baron Cohen spoke about the difficulties of filming his breakout film “Borat.”

In classic Cohen fashion, he got extremely graphic about why one wrestling scene from “Borat” was the worst part of filming.

“The worst part filming ‘Borat’ was the naked fight, because I had a 250 lb. man’s ass on my face, and his buttocks was so big that I couldn’t actually breathe when I was underneath there,” Cohen explains.

“So, I had about 30 seconds of air under there before I had to breathe in. And I had a signal with the director, which was when I thought I was going to pass out, I would hit the mattress three times.”

According to Cohen this signal made it into the final cut of the film, even though the director didn’t pay attention to it.

“If you look at the ‘Borat’ film now, you will see that I do hit the mattress three times, and the director didn’t stop filming, which meant I was faced with this very stark choice, which was either to die, or to breathe in the rancid air from my costar’s rectum,” Cohen writes.

“And when I was underneath there, I decided to die. Luckily, my co-star moved off and I managed to finish the scene. Otherwise, that would have been a very inglorious end to my life.”

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