The guy who was born without his manhood is finally getting a penis — there’s just one awkward catch YouTube/This Morning

Andrew Wardle is widely known as “the man without a penis.” He was the subject of a 2015 TLC documentary that followed him breaking the news to women that he was dating. But finally, Andrew is getting his chance to champion his virility — they’re giving Wardle a willy.

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On Wednesday, he, along with his longtime girlfriend Fedra, appeared on the British show “This Morning with Phillip & Holly” to talk about the next step in his life. He told the hosts that Fedra didn’t know until his story was published in the paper, and he was forced to tell her about his problem. Wardle claimed that to “make up for” his lack of a member he’s slept with over a hundred women.

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Unfortunately, Wardle will have to endure two weeks of a constant erection. He said that the full-time erection is necessary to make sure that his bionic phallus is in working condition. Andrew said that though he takes the train to work, he will be staying home during those two weeks of constant arousal.

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