Forget Man Caves! Find your serenity in She Sheds

By now, you’ve probably heard of Man Caves and seen the Shedquarters (for work) and the Pub Shed (for play) … but this tops them both, and it goes by the name “She Shed’.

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“She Sheds” are meant to be a place where women can get away from men and do the things they want to do.

Tamara Harbert of Houston calls her 144 square foot building a “little backyard bliss.” The space began as a playhouse for the family’s children. When they began to use it less, Tamara had the idea to make it her own.

KTRK reports the tiny space is outfitted with air conditioning, a ceiling fan, along with furniture and knick-knacks she has gathered.

Harbart told ABC7 the shed may be in her backyard, but sometimes it feels like it’s a thousand miles from home.

“I can sit and read in my house,” she explained. “But I’m also looking around thinking to wash the windows. I need to do the laundry. Look at that dust over there. I’m in here, I’m not thinking that.”

“It’s being away, without being away, which I love.”


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