The world’s most expensive PB&J is $300, but here are 7 ways to make them fun for almost nothing

114 years ago Julia Davis Chandler gave America the idea of spreading peanut butter and jelly between two slices of bread. The recipe — first published in the Boston Cooking-School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics — is why today, April 2, we celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

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That’s right, it’s peanut butter jelly time!

Though PB&J may be basic in the literal sense of the word, it doesn’t have to be. Red’s Golden Gourmet, in San Diego’s Point Loma, created what was believed to be the world’s most expensive variation for $299. According to Luxury Trump, the sandwich was topped with all-natural peanut butter, cherry jam, premium bacon, honey, and served between two slices of brioche. All that seems deliciously normal, except it came speared with two 24 karat gold toothpicks complete with their own black leather carrying case.

Since Red’s closed its doors permanently in early 2015, we found seven other ways for you to up your PB&J game from the comforts of home. Gold toothpicks sold separately.


deep-fried-peanut-butter-jelly-sandwich-recipe copy

1. Deep fried peanut butter and jelly

This recipe takes the American staple to a whole new level, from Leite’s Culinaria.



2. DIY Uncrustables

Even your pickiest of little eaters will love this version minus the crusts, from Living Well, Spending Less.



3. Peanut butter and jelly doughnut

These obscenely delicious homemade treats are also easy to make, from Heather Christo.



4. Peanut butter and jelly french toast

This recipe perfectly merges savory and sweet, from Macaroni and Cheesecake.



5. Grill it

This is a great variation to your everyday PB&J, from


PB&J Recipe

6. Roll it like sushi

Break out those chopsticks and enjoy this fun twist, from Sprout.


peanut-butter-banana-bacon-sandwich copy

7. The King

Get in touch with your inner Elvis; replace jelly with bananas and add bacon, like this recipe from Simple Comfort Food. It may not be a true peanut butter and jelly, but that’s rock n’ roll.

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