Pack wine in your suitcase with these tips

When traveling, I enjoy trying the local food and drink, and sometimes I want to take some home to remember the experience. Since liquids can’t be carried on planes, an alternative is to put wine bottles into a checked bag.

While glass containers can easily break, these tips and options help ensure they get home in one piece.

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Restrictions are listed on this TSA blog post.

Place it in the center

No matter how it’s wrapped, putting the wine bottle in the center of the suitcase is always a good idea to get the most protection and make sure it isn’t bumped if it shifts during transport.

Bubble wrap

If you think you might want to bring drinks home, pack some bubble wrap in your suitcase. If you want a little more protection, get Wine Skin bags that conform to the bottle.

Wine suitcase

There are different kinds of luggage dedicated to shipping multiple bottle of wine. The site Wine Vine Imports lists a variety of sizes, options and price points.

Wrapped in clothes

When you don’t have anything else to wrap wine in, you can use clothes. Socks are a natural first layer of protection. Lifehacker shares tips on how to wrap wine in clothes.

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