Apparently people love to carve things out of potatoes. Thanks, Internet!

We searched the Internet for potato art on this important day so you don’t have to! Whether you’re looking for a way to up your presentation game at a dinner party, or a DIY project for the whole family, the potato has got you covered. Celebrate the food that makes National Potato Chip Day possible with these seven art projects.

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On VegSpinz, a blog by a “vegan DJ with a passion for food” (of course it is), it’s all about slow and steady wins the race … just make a path from the knife to the oven.




Roses are a classic food decoration, made from everything from radishes to cucumber to cantaloupe. But on Art and Kitchen, we learned this little potato treat is not just a garnish. You can roast and serve these to accompany any meal.



Welcome to Eat Well 101: If you dont want to use real mushrooms to depict mushrooms in your next school project, look no further than the potato to provide for all your faux-mushroom needs.


Couch (potato!)

The “artist” calls this the “Real Couch Potato.”



My Sushi World is the easiest place to learn how to carve your own vegetable zoo. We especially like this elephant carved from potatoes.


Ducks (OMG!)

A food artist can teach how to make these cute ducks from potatoes. (I love you too, potato ducks.)



Potatoes also make a great base for creating your own stamps. Go to the SeaSalt blog, then simply carve away from the shape you want to stamp, press into an ink pad or color with markers or paint, and stamp away!

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