This video of fish gobbling up birds is guaranteed to make your jaw hit the floor

Facebook/BBC Earth

BBC Earth will soon be airing their new “Blue Planet” documentary series and the show’s star is already garnering a lot of attention.

The network recently released the teaser for “Blue Planet II” and the giant trevally stole the show. The fish is massive, over a yard long and weighing at least 100 pounds, The Guardian notes. In the clip, a school of giant trevallies team up to hunt together and feast — on birds.

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Watching a fish hunt a bird is one of the more absurd sights that you might come across, but these massive creatures have perfected the technique. They sprint through the water and burst above the water, mouths gaping and grab some grub. They’re also incredible at launching themselves above the water.

Unfortunately for North American fishermen, they won’t be able to find themselves any of these fish. That’s because the animals only live in the warmer waters around the African and Australian coast.

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