Amy Earnhardt speaks out about Dale Jr.’s close call at Talladega

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Watching a NASCAR race at Talladega Motor Speedway can be downright stressful for any fan. The track’s high banks and close brand of running is enough to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. But imagine if you were the wife of one of those drivers? Imagine if you were there to witness a 20-car pileup that your new husband narrowly missed? What would you do?

Well, if you were Amy Earnhardt, you tweet about it.

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“I’m about to grind my teeth down to nothing,” Amy wrote during the beginning laps of the race.

But when “the big one” occurred on lap 169 of the May 9 race, you would learn that the accident rattled her.

“Thank goodness Dale wasn’t in that,” she wrote. “Hope everyone is OK.”

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And once she saw a replay of the accident, Amy seemed to realize how close Dale Jr. was to disaster. “That replay was crazy. Dale’s reaction couldn’t have been better. But I still feel like throwing up.”

Luckily, Dale Jr. came away unscathed. Yet, the driver, who is set to retire at the end of the 2017 season, still experienced a shortened day thanks to a faulty tire.

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