Brantley Gilbert won’t let his happy home life keep him from raising hell

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Brantley Gilbert’s new album, “The Devil Don’t Sleep,” features plenty of party anthems, like his latest hit, “The Weekend,” but he’s not exactly living out the lyrics to those wild songs these days. The Georgia native has been clean and sober for more than five years now, and he’s happily married to his long-time love, Amber.

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Videos by Rare

So, how does Brantley keep on writing those rough-and-tumble party songs when he’s so happy at home?

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He says, “That’s something that’s heavy on my mind right now. That’s something I’ve got to put a lot of effort and a lot of thought into moving forward. I don’t think anybody wants to hear a bunch of songs about somebody washing dishes and washing clothes and being domesticated.”

Besides, Brantley still hangs out a lot of his biker buddies, who’ve all been big supporters of his sobriety.

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Says Brantley, “Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I like to have a good time like anybody else. I think I’ll probably always run with the rough crowd, ’cause those are my people. So, I’ll always have those songs to write. I’ll always have those times to write about.”

Of course, some of Brantley’s biggest hits, like “More Than Miles,” are all about his romance with Amber.

“Moving forward, of course there will be more songs about her,” Brantley says. “There will be more songs about us, but I do think there’s a very big possibility that I’m going to have to draw more on memories, or more on memory than I have up to this point.”

“The Devil Don’t Sleep” is available now.

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