The Garth Brooks Version of ‘America the Beautiful’ That Included a Twist No One Saw

What we got at the beginning was an understated Garth Brooks.

As country music superstar Garth Brooks stepped onstage to perform “America the Beautiful” at the Points of Light Tribute event on March 21, 2011 in Washington, D.C., we expected a thunderous fanfare filled with loud voices and boisterous instruments.

Yet, what we got at the beginning was an understated Garth Brooks.

With hands in the pockets of his jeans, a subdued look on his face and no instruments backing up his somewhat hushed voice, the country legend slowly began singing the familiar lines of the gorgeous ode to our country.

As the audience sat in amazement, Garth made us feel every word and every gorgeous note. And when it couldn’t get better, it did. A choir joined him to offer a gorgeous background to his vocals.

And then all of a sudden, with a trio of past presidents beginning to join in on the changing beat. Garth lead the same choir into an upbeat version of Lean on Me, leaving the audience both surprised and clapping along.

And once again Garth proved that you just never know what he will do next, which is something his fans have known for a long time. His onstage spontaneity will continue through the month of July as he makes tour stops in Las Vegas, New York City, San Antonio and Bossier City.

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