Luke Bryan turns in his first emotional performance since the death of his niece


Luke Bryan is a man of his word.

Scheduled to sing at an industry event in Nashville on Feb. 23, Luke showed up with a guitar in his hand and a sadness in his heart, as he and his wife, Caroline, continue to mourn the loss of their niece, Sadie Brett.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The infant daughter of Caroline’s brother Bo and wife Ellen Boyer, Sadie passed away on Feb. 21.

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But there he was, singing and putting a brave face on for the room packed with industry insiders, including Rare Country. Performing his current single, “Fast,” Luke’s subdued tone seemed to take the song to a whole new place, effortlessly commenting on life and just how fast it goes. You could barely hear a sound as the crowd seemed utterly entranced by the performance, only erupting in an ovation of support once the song was through.

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“I tell you what,” Luke told the crowd. “When I am checking my socials and I see so many of you guys and stations that are kind of lifting my family up, I really appreciate it. It means the world to me.”

After the performance, Luke was on his way to South Carolina for yet another stop on his Kill the Lights Tour. Yet, his face told us all what we needed to know about the kind of week it has been for Luke and his family. But like any other entertainer, Luke will grab that guitar and put a brave face on. And once again, he will remain a man of his word.

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