Nicole Kidman reluctantly answers tough questions about Keith Urban’s alcoholism

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Nicole Kidman has been opening up about her personal life quite a bit in recent interviews, and that includes talking about the private life of her husband, Keith Urban.

In a new interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour,” Nicole was asked about Keith’s alcoholism, which led him to seek treatment just after the couple tied the knot in 2006. At first, Nicole was reluctant to go there and told the interviewer, “God, you guys are personal!”

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She then continued, “That’s for him to talk about. He’s always said that I can talk about it publicly because he’s very much about helping people. I think us as our coupling and our marriage is an example of working our way through it with an outcome where you can be together and he’s sober and very happy.”

When asked about her part in supporting Keith in his recovery, Nicole shared one very big lesson she learned on this journey.

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She said, “I’m obviously very much involved in supporting and loving and I know a lot about it, but it’s not something I can put into a catchphrase other than I don’t believe you can save a person. They can save themselves.”

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