The legendary Charlie Daniels reflects on his terrifying brush with death

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If you have ever seen 80-year-old Charlie Daniels take the stage and play late into the night, you can believe that the guy is and always has been unstoppable.

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Yet, on Jan. 20, 2010, he was truly stopped in his tracks.

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In a flashback piece he recently shared on his blog, Charlie reflected on the day of snowmobiling that quickly turned into a tragic one, as Charlie experienced a stroke.

“I noticed that my left hand was getting numb and thought that it was because I had been hanging on to the handle bars of my snowmobile for so long that it had gone to sleep, but then I felt the left side of my mouth starting growing numb and my left foot started getting hard to control and I knew something was happening to me. I knew I’d better get back down the mountain and get some help.”

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The group luckily did get help quickly – something Charlie believes was a bit of divine intervention. “The fingerprints of God were all over my experience,” he wrote. “I have seen the hand of God extended over me in the past when I was in a dangerous situation and I knew He was near. There were so many things that made me know that God was ordering our steps.”

Thank God he was, because Charlie is now good as new.

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