These pics Rory Feek just shared will make you do a double take


At first glance, the picture that the Joey+Rory Facebook page shared on Sept. 11 was heartbreaking. Captioned simply with the word “reunited,” the pic shows Joey Feek’s family coming together at the gravesite of their dear daughter and sister. And instantly, any fan is struck by the smiles on their faces, the elation on Indiana’s face, and the stark reality of the wooden cross that reminds us all that Joey is no longer here to share in these family moments.

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And then, you see it.

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The woman to the right with the hat on. The woman that eerily looks like Joey. Joey’s sister who reminds us all of the woman we have lost.

Her image is one that hits you in the heart almost immediately.

The picture is one of a handful that was shared during Joey’s family’s recent trip to Joey+Rory’s farm in Tennessee. One particular poignant picture was one of Joey’s mom hugging Indiana. “Indy’s first time to have her grandma here since Joey’s service,” the post read above the heartwarming picture. “She missed her so much.”

Rory also shared an adorable picture of himself with Indiana, with his dear daughter looking up to him with more love than ever.

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