This latest pic of Carrie Underwood’s son sure shows how much he’s growing up

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They say that “dogs are a man’s best friend.” But, in Carrie Underwood’s case, the pooch has become pals with her 1-year-old son, Isaiah.

And, it’s all thanks to the “Church Bells” singer’s handiwork!

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Now that Isaiah is growing, Carrie, 33, has taken some time out to teach her child how to behave around the family’s dachshund mix, Penny Jean. And, it’s clear to see that she couldn’t be happier about the results!

On Jan. 23, the proud momma shared her excitement over her child’s companionship with the pup on Instagram. Along with a photo she captioned, “Good girl…Pa-ba (this is how [Isaiah] says “Penny”). I half expected these two to clash, but with lots of carefully watched playtime and working hard to teach both how to treat each other, we’ve managed to do alright! I even think they might ❤️ each other! #babies #furbabies #kidsanddogs #friends”

The adorable image above shows Isaiah spoiling Penny with love and attention. But aside from their special bond, there’s one other thing that fans have noticed. And, that’s just how big Isaiah is getting!

After seeing Carrie’s post one fan took to Twitter with, “@carrieunderwood can’t believe Isaiah is gonna be 2 next month.”

Another fan tweeted out in all caps, “@carrieunderwood Very cute pic of Isaiah and Penny. Isaiah is getting so big, hard to believe he is almost 2 yrs. old already. God Bless.”

A third fan wrote, “@carrieunderwood looks like love to me. Isaiah is getting big. Losing the baby look.”

Isaiah turns two on Feb 27. No word yet on what Carrie is planning to do for her little ones birthday. However, we are pretty sure he’s just as happy playing with Penny! Carrie and her family are also the proud owners of a rat terrier named, Ace.

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