Graffiti writers in this city have to worry about the grammar police, too

One South American city seemingly deserves a better class of criminal, and two men are going to give it to them.

They call themselves “Acción Ortográfica Quito” (“Grammatical Action Quito”). And for two years, they’ve been patrolling the streets of Quito, Ecuador, with spray paint.

Not to paint graffiti. To proofread it.

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In this interview and video, they say what motivated them to start: “This one graffiti that was so badly written, it was almost a moral imperative to go to a hardware store and buy a can of red spray paint and correct the graffiti, because it was so hard to believe.”

Together, “Agent X” and “Agent Full Stop” say, “People can say whatever they want, but say it well!” They say misspellings are a “lack of respect.” Quito, to them, is a “city full of romantics,” and if those messages are poorly written, “those messages do not arrive as they should, and to whom they should. They don’t reach the heart!”

What do you think?

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