Watch RaeLynn challenge her fans to the ultimate fitness test


If you’ve been to one of RaeLynn’s concerts on her current “RaVe Tour,” then you know this girl loves to dance. She’s got remixed versions of her own songs, as well as current dance hits, playing when she leads her audience in a full-on dance party during the show.

For her workouts, RaeLynn likes to keep the dance party going with spin classes at a place called Krank just south of downtown Nashville.

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RaeLynn tells Rare Country, “I feel like when I’m cycling, we’re doing it all to really awesome booty music and country songs. So, I forget that I’m working out. Then I burn, like, 700 calories, I’m like, ‘Woah, I just worked out, and I felt like I was dancing.'”

As a kickoff to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, RaeLynn invited some of her biggest fans to join her for an early spin class. Krank set up the bikes outside for the class, and RaeLynn admits she got the workout of a lifetime since everyone was watching her on the bike.

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She says, “I can kind of slack off when I’m in a class, because I’m in a dark hole. I can sit on the saddle, and nobody really knows. But I was up there with the teacher. So, I felt like I had to do extra good. The pressure’s on me, and they’re all my songs that we played. So, I’ve never done this. I burned 700 calories. I’ve never burned that many. I usually burn, like, 550, which is still good.”

RaeLynn kept the party going all week at CMA Music Festival with multiple performances, including a stop at the Cracker Barrel Country Roads Stage on June 10.

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