When Miranda Lambert’s relationship with her dad went south, this icon came to her rescue


We can’t imagine how giddy Miranda Lambert was when her sixth studio album, “The Weight of These Wings,” debuted at No. 1 on the country albums chart in November of 2016. Miranda has called the project her diary and to have it embraced by country fans had to make those wings feel like gold.

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However, another set of Miranda’s wings didn’t receive such a warm reception.

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In a new Facebook video, Miranda remembered touring with the King of Country Music, George Strait, in 2006. The little Texas tornado had not yet scored her first chart-topper, and she had just one album under her belt at the time. Her future success was yet to be realized, but everyone could see that it was coming. She was unique, authentic and unapologetic.

Miranda marked her burgeoning career in country music by getting her first tattoo—guns with wings on her forearm. As cool as we think it is, her dad, who was touring with her at the time, wasn’t as enthusiastic.

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Miranda explains, “My dad was really mad and wouldn’t talk to me because I had gotten a tattoo. Somehow George found out about the drama between me and my dad and he sent out for, like 75 press-on tattoos.” When the entourage took their end-of-tour picture, they all, including Rick Lambert, displayed tattoos like Miranda’s.

The pretty, blonde country star said that George helped break the ice between her and her dad and he began talking to his talented daughter again. “I like to say George Strait helped mend my dad and my relationship over the tattoo incident.”

Well done, Mr. Strait.

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