A family that thought their beloved dog died was in for one heck of a surprise while looking for a new pet


The Coates family was in for an incredible surprise earlier this month when they discovered that the dog they believed to be dead was alive and seeking a foster home. According to KSL, Zoey–the Coates’ pet boxer–started having seizures last fall. The family took her to the vet and eventually she was euthanized–or so they were told.

Tawny Coates, said that she was online looking for a new boxer for her 11-year-old son, Jaxton, when she came across the dog they believed to be dead. Jaxton told KSL that he slept with Zoey every night and missed her incredibly when she was gone.

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Coates contacted Dr. Mary Smart, who is the Salt Lake City, Utah, area veterinarian they took the dog to in hopes of discovering what happened. Slowly, the story began coming to light. Smart told KSL that it “seemed obvious that they didn’t want the dog” but that the animal “had years to live” and she “didn’t want to put it down.”

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Mr. Coates brought the animal in, but he has since landed in jail after robbing a bank.

Dr. Smart performed surgery on the animal before contacting a rescue group in hopes of finding a home for Zoey. She admitted that she “messed up” in not calling the family to ask if they wanted the animal back but reiterated that they didn’t seem to want the dog at all.

Thankfully, the Coates family has been reunited with their beloved pet and Jaxton has his sleeping pal back.

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