A community mourns the death of a little boy, who died in a house fire with his beloved dog by his side


A little boy who died in a house fire in Spokane, Washington, was found huddled together with his beloved dog and teddy bear.

The fire broke out late Friday night and took the life of the little boy and his dog. Despite the valiant efforts of neighbors who dragged a 150-foot hose onto the property, the fire overtook the house and killed the boy.

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According to a local fire department spokesman, five people, including three children, were able to get out of the fire.

“They died together,” Spokane Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer told the Spokesman.

According to Schaeffer, the house did not have a working smoke detector.

Neighbors told local reporters that the home was a rental property and that it had a strange layout.

“The way the house is configured in there, it was probably impossible to get to him,” a neighbor told the Spokesman.

The identity of the boy has yet to be revealed.

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