Eric Garner’s daughter pleads for an end to threats against police

Emerald Garner, daughter of slain Staten Island man Eric Garner whose death has sparked demonstrations across the country, pleaded with protesters not to harm police officers during a Tuesday interview on CNN.

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“Just because you have a uniform…doesn’t define you as a bad cop,” Garner told CNN.

Garner’s comments came several days after two NYPD officers were murdered by a man who said he was avenging the deaths of Garner and Michael Brown.

On Monday, Garner placed a wreath at a memorial for the fallen officers, something she felt compelled to do after protests continued.

“It was important to me, because in the case of my dad, people came out and they supported us,” she said.

“I just felt really saddened by it, because a young kid lost their father like I did,” she added.

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