One day, a woman lost her wedding ring — four months later, she found out her dog was to blame

One day, a pregnant Nikki Balovich’s finger was swelling up, so she decided to remove her wedding ring. Little did she know that she wouldn’t see it again until four months later.

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Balovich had come to grips with the fact she might never see it again, and then she saw a local Alaskan’s post on Facebook about a missing ring, the New York Daily News writes.

The mother of three originally suspected that her dog, a 90-pound mastiff, might have eaten it, as the dog has a penchant for picking up small items and carrying them around.

But nothing turned up in the dog’s feces.

Bob Potrzuski posted that he found a wedding ring in a nearby park. “FOUND! Beautiful wedding type band. If u have lost a ring, no matter where, call and describe! Found in an unusual place,” he wrote on Facebook.

Balovich had a gut feeling that it could be her ring and looked into it. And, of course, it was her ring.

Potrzuski said that he found the ring in an “unusual place,” and that place was dog poop in a location Balovich had volunteered with her dog, Halli.

Needless to say, she’s thrilled to have her ring back.

“I feel very lucky. It’s been on my hands ever since — my hand was feeling naked without it,” she told the Daily Sitka Sentinel.

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